A standard too low!!!

It seems that nursing care at the Staffordshire General Hospital was at a premium as it is turning out from the many reports that are beginning to appear. [1], [2], [3]

Ben Bradshaw MP is on TV apologising for the failing, but who was doing the monitoring of the Hospital in the first place. Why was it allowed to get into this state in the first place.

It’s funny when incident like this happen how the people in charge stress that all is now sorted out and much has changed, it’s as if they want to hide their failings for letting it get this bad.

It may be that the trust chairman Toni Brisby and chief executive Martin Yeates have already quit (I wonder where else in the NHS they will be re-employed) ahead of the report, but who were the people that were checking on the performance of these people? Surely they should also be sacked for letting these people continue their bad management of Staffordshire General Hospital.

What is strange? The report by the Healthcare Commission is nowhere to be seen as yet.

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