NHS 111 – Is it really working?

NHS 111 was launched as a new service to make it easier to access local NHS healthcare services. People could call 111 when they needed medical help when it was not considered to be a 999 emergency.

However, a number of areas in the UK have found that the service has not been delivering the expected results. As recently as April 26th, the advice line has been withdrawn in Worcestershire after concerns over patient safety.

It has also added to unnecessary patient admissions at Basingstoke hospital and with Doctors in Cornwall claiming that NHS 111, will put “even more pressure” on Cornwall’s emergency services before it even starts, it begs the question if it was really ready for use before being rolled out.

One recent poll carried out by Doctors.net.uk poll, found that 70 per cent of members thought the NHS 111 hotline should be scrapped and that It was to blame for a 50 per cent rise in A&E attendance at some hospitals.

Let’s hope that someone in the NHS – though we wonder where the ownership for this now exists with all the recent changes that have happened – gets to grip with this and solves the problems.

Until then we suspect that NHS 111 will be costing more money doing nothing that it is actually saving. Now where have we heard that before?

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