3D Printing and Medicine – A perfect fit!

A great story appeared last week about a revolutionary way of creating casts for broken limbs which involves the use of one of the latest technologies to hit the open market, 3D printing.

New Zealand university graduate Jake Evill started to think that there was a better way to create a cast after his hand had been enclosed in a traditional cast following a fall. So he turned his attention to the latest technology of 3D printing for a solution.

3D Cast - Copyright - Wired.com

In this interview with Wired magazine he discusses the development stage of his idea and what the next steps might be for this revolutionary step in casts for broken bones.

Mashable also reported about the 3D-Cast and have this very interesting video about Jake Skill’s idea. Time and money will tell if this is the way forward and who knows, just as you can now have new teeth implants made while you wait at the dentist, the smelly and heavy plaster casts of old may soon be consigned to the history bin as you receive your new custom-fit 3D cast.

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