Job Losses Announced

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has started a 45-day consultation with staff about potential job losses of some 260 posts across the hospitals that it runs.

The action comes as the NHS Foundation Managers need to drop an estimated £32 million from their spending. The full story and some additional background can be found in this BBC article.

As we mentioned in previous posts, the number of potential job losses within the NHS seems to be on the rise again.


NHS Job Losses

With Worcester Acute Hospital Trust just announcing that they intend to cut up to 300 jobs as part of a £60 million cost saving exercise, it looks like this could be the start of another round of job losses across the whole NHS.

Just last week Royal Bolton Hospital announced that it was looking to cut some 500 jobs as part of a cost-cutting plan.

If  both of these plans go ahead, this will mean that nearly 1,000 jobs will be lost in just one week.

We will be starting up our Job Cuts/Losses table again in the next few days. If you know of impending Job Cuts or Losses in your local NHS Trust, then please let us know as soon as possible.


37,000 more health jobs face the axe!

We found a number of references to this story, but found the most information in the Daily Mail.

If true then adding this figure of 37,000 to our current total of 22,690 would make an unbelievable figure of nearly 60,000!!!!!!

Even allowing for only 10% of the 37,000 being accurate, adding that to the current NHSWatch website figures of 22,690 adds up to over 26,000 job losses!

As we approach the first anniversary of our website and blog, we find no cause to celebrate at being the ‘organ’ tracking the constantly increasing NHS Job Looses.

If the 37,000 is true, then this will be a devastating legacy that will be left by this government despite all the money that has been supposedly poured into the NHS.

Away again for a while, but back again!

After another period away from the blog we are back, we hope to update more often over the next few weeks. Here’s some items that caught our eyes over the last few weeks…

Hospital petition for Number 10 – Seems that petitions are catching on at No 10 thought they probable don’t like this one.

The Plymouth hospitals trust has to make savings of about £25m, losing 50 beds and around 400 posts, more about the story here.