Information Sharing and the NHS

Dame Fiona Caldicott recently completed the report of her independent review of information sharing in the NHS.

The background behind the review was to see how the NHS needed to strike a balance between the protection of patient information and the use & sharing of information to improve patient care.

There have been a number of reactions to it’s initial findings, but this interesting report in last weeks Computing Magazine examines some of the background issues where existing (and some new) conflicts between the different departments operating under the NHS umbrella may still prevent a successful integrating of information. Not least of all with many Patients still not wanting to have their patient records shared around the NHS organisation.

With all of us very aware of the cost of the last NHS Programme for IT (NPfIT), let’s hope that any shift in policies & procedures required to implement any changes under Caldicott won’t run up yet another huge bill for tax payers with no perceived results

You can download a full copy of the Caldicott report here.

We’re back and we found…

We’ve been away from the blog for a while with other commitments, here’s a few headlines that caught out eyes when we looked at the backlog of links… More to follow soon.

Communications director – £90,000 per annum!
Some other NHS staff are encouraged to work for a day for free!

£230,000 versus £2.50
On the one hand, money is pouring out of the NHS in various ex-gratia payments and on the other, NHS staff are being asked to work for no salary!

How important is the NHS to the UK Population?
According to a recent survey, Health Care is main issue for British voters in the run up to the next election – when ever that may be. The poll results make interesting reading with Health car coming top with 86%. Who will be the ‘Nations-Carer’ after the next election, Labour!, Conservatives! or Liberal! Someone had better take note before its too late and the NHS completely disappears.

And why not?
Where has all the money gone? How come NHS workers have to be asked for ‘charity-giving‘ in terms of working for a day for no pay! Every day more and more evidence surfaces, showing just how bad this current government has run the NHS into the ground.

Trust tells its nurses to save £2.50 a day!
What more can one say about this article, it seems to sum up how far the NHS has slipped over the past few years. I agree with the notion of switching off excessive lighting – that’s something that everyone should do in light of the impending energy/global warming issue. We wonder what the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Executive David Law is doing to help with the current cash crisis?

It’s not our fault!
We saw this cynical announcement by Pfizer about it having to cut approx. 250 UK jobs, blaming the current NHS job crisis for its woes! I think this is a bit of ‘lets jump on that bandwagon’ so that we can apportion blame elsewhere. Yes. it does take a lot of money to develop a drug and take it to market. But perhaps Pfizer needs to look at its own internal costs before shouting at other ‘people’. Perhaps they really don’t need all those very large corporate ‘glasshouses’ around the world, they need to make some internal cost cutting, before criticising others… What are we saying! Might this affect the shareholders return!!!! Enough said, me thinks!

Training for…
All that training and no where to go! It seems that despite yet more jobs being lost in the NHS and a predicted shortfall in nursing staff looming on the horizon, newly qualified health professionals are finding it hard to find positions. However, the NHS still finds time (and money) to recruit overseas contractors to fill open NHS posts. Another sign of bad management and more money wasted! Sound a bit like the current Prison crisis – lock up more offenders, but don’t build any new prisons to house them in! Hello!!

Abandon ship!
Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust looses another member of staff! Sympathy, or a realisation that they know something that we don’t?

Where have all the nurses gone?
So now there to be a shortage of Nursing staff in the NHS by 2012 seems that someone can’t get their figures in order. Must be time for another manager to take over.

Round again with the news!
Funny how old news becomes new news, see this from the UK Express Newspaper earlier in January this year. Where did they get this figure from? Makes for interesting reading; does that mean that when you add the 37,000 to the figures on our web site of 22,000, that a massive 62,000 jobs! What is going on?