NHS Car Parking Charges

NHS England Car Parking Charges – A new listing

NHS Car Parking charges in England are still an emotive subject and are sure to cause many heated discussions..

In line with the general revamp of this NHS Watch website, we have taken an old listing of NHS Car Parking charges that we had and updated it with the latest information from the various NHS websites.

Many websites have changed since our last update with amalgamations, reorganisations and of course the creation of many Foundation Trusts etc. You can see a PDF copy of the last survey that we carried out here.

If don’t have the Adobe PDF Reader to view the file, it can be downloaded from here.
(make sure you untick the “Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus” before you download the Adobe Reader software.

General Points about the listing

During the updating of this version of the listing we were surprised just how difficult it was to find Car Park charging information on many of the NHS website. Even using the Search windows provided returned poor results and need extra effort to locate the relevant information. It seemed at times that the Trust wanted to hide their Car Parking information.

On the other hand, quite a few had direct links to the information right from their home page, very good.

Another aspect of the various NHS websites that we visited during this update was just how different they were from a website design point of view. It’s surprising for a ‘National’ service that more work has not be done to resolve this difference in design. Accessibility still seems to be something that many of the websites do not quite understand.

The New Listing Explained

The table has three columns, one for the name of the NHS Trust, one to show how many sites are covered by that particular Trust as well as the minimum charge made for Car Parking and finally a column which details more of the Car Parking charges and a link to the relevant NHS website page for more details of Car Parking charges including information on Concessions, Day & Weekly Tickets etc.

Errors and Omissions

We have tied to be as accurate as possible in compiling this list, however we should point out that the information contained in this list is based on current NHS Website information and is therefore subject to change without any notice to this NHS Watch website.

If you do come across any errors in the table or see new Car Park charging information at your local NHS Trust, please let us know either by email to CarParkingInfo [@] nhswatch.info or by using the Contact Form of this website and we will incorporate these changes as soon as possible. The same goes for any NHS Trust that we have omitted from the table.

We look forward to your comments/feedback.

We will be updating this listing frequently, so please come back for any updates.
(Updated 15th October 2013)

[table id=1 /]

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