Into 2009!

A happy New Year to all of our visitors.

As you will see from my last post it’s a while since we updated the blog, we’ve been busy with a number of business projects. However, we hope to get back on track this year with more regular updates to the blog and to the website, which sadly has also fallen behind.

With the current financial climate, 2009 promises to be an interesting year for the NHS, with budgets being further stretched to cover existing and new requirements, the NPfIT project still struggling to fully deliver on its promises and of course the current cold spell sending more people to A & E with broken bones through falls and Flu.

Some events that caught our eyes over the past few months have included:

More post to follow in the coming weeks.

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NHS NPfIT programme begins to fall apart!

Newcastle NHS Trust has openly announced that it is to obtain a Patient Records Database system direct from a USA hospital sidelining the UK NHS NPfIT.

It is understood that that a number of other NHS Trust are also looking to go the same route as the delays for the roll out of the NHS own NPfIT scheme continue to suffer various delays.

So much for this Labour Governments promise of a single patient records system promised in 2002 to be rolled out by the begriming of 2005!

Here’s is more background to the above story and some other background info.

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Whose got the data?

As more and more NHS hospitals continue to capture our patient data into the NHS database, it has now come to light that over 4 million items of personal data have been lost over the past year from various government departments – this does not include the infamous case of the 25 million child benefits claimants last November lost on two unencrypted discs.

I don’t have anything to hide in my personal data file, but I do wonder who is going to be able to casually browse through mine and anyone else’s and how many memory sticks I’ll be left laying around on as a discarded record, seemingly just another UK lost data record.

The government has got to make sure that we feel very confident that our data is safe and cannot be misused in any way.

And still data goes missing!

What will it take for NHS managers to get grip on Patient Records?

Another case of mislaid confidential patient information came to light in Scotland this week when a health care worker downloaded a number of patient health records on to a USB memory stick! A clear and intentional violation of general and NHS data protection rules.

Comments have been made that the health worker could loose their job! I think that the health worker should loose their job along with their direct manager, who clearly has not been implementing a rigorous enough data protection policy.

One wonders what other data losses have happened at the NHS Lothian Trust that they have managed to hide from the public.

When will this government start treating seriously all the data losses that have happened in recent months. When will the Information Commissioner start prosecuting individuals?

NHS at 60

I’ve been reading through some of the stories celebrating the 60 years of the NHS, two that caught my eyes were Professor Harold Ellis recollections about his time in the NHS and the BBC documentary NHS at 60 broadcast yesterday and still available for download from the BBCi player site.

Both show different sides of the story, but the documentary without a doubt really showed what the UK might have become had the NHS not started up when it did.

Perhaps people that always want to knock it should sit back and take stock at what we have, yes it does cost a lot of money and yes it does need to be better run and yes if does need more medically trained staff.

But we should all be grateful that for the NHS, I’m sure in its early days, it saved many people and set an increased standard of health that we have all come to enjoy.

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Happy Birthday?

Yes the NHS is 60 years old this week and despite much government interference over those years it has survived and on the whole is still delivering free healthcare on demand to the majority of the UK citizens.

Despite this, acquiring a hospital infection during a stay is still a major worry for many people as a reason for them not wanting to go into hospital.

Deep cleaning may by one option to tackle hospital acquired infections, but there is a long way to go to solve the worries that still exists in many peoples minds about a pending hospital visit.

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Specialist nurses threatened with redundancy!

According to this report, one in four specialist nurses are being threatened with redundancy!

A survey carried out by the RCN found that many almost half of all specialist nurses interview felt unsure of their jobs future.

It seems strange when the government keep harping on about how much it is spending on the NHS and special patient care, that the actual people tasked with delivering this seem so unsure of their future.

Maybe it’s just another way of fiddling the NHS surplus that we keep being told about!

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