What’s up in Yorkshire?

Seems to be a bit of panic going on in the NHS Yorkshire region today, over yet more NHS cuts to be announced in a bid to stave an ever increasing budget deficit. It seems that a previously calculated £24m deficit for 2006-07 has suddenly jumped to a staggering £45m! Unless drastic action is taken even this figure could go up! Amongst actions being considered are the imposition of minimum waits of 12 to 16 weeks for patients requiring routine surgery and eight weeks for outpatients!

What a set back for Labour’s progressive health reforms! Do I detect another ‘Heat-Map’ here?

Seems to me that there needs to be a cutback in the inefficient and error prone NHS accounting departments. If they have managed to get a near 100% error into their figures in one NHS area, then I am sure that there will be a massive problem nationwide. I’m not sure how the Health Secretaries recent statement about a £250m overall surplus now looks! Watch this space!

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